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hangzhou jinding import and export co ltd 178 813

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John J. Capela Import / Export Kit For Dummies

Your easy-to-follow primer on the exciting world of import/export With an increased focus on global trade, this new edition of Import/Export Kit For Dummies provides entrepreneurs and small- to mid-sized businesses with the critical, entry-point information they need to begin exporting their products around the world—as well as importing goods to sell. Inside, you'll find the most up-to-date information on trade regulations, where to turn for additional guidance on seamlessly navigating the dreaded red tape, and much more. With significant changes in technology, expanding economics, and international trade agreements, the global marketplace continues to grow and change rapidly. In fact, companies that do business internationally are proven to grow faster and fail less often than companies that don't. This authoritative reference is packed with everything you need to get started, so why not get in on the game while the going is good? Gets you up to speed on the lingo of international business Shows you how to follow guidelines for developing a successful business and marketing plan Helps you understand distributor and agent agreement outlines Offers unprecedented insight on pinpointing the right markets for your import/export business Importing and exporting goods is a valuable way to expand your business and take part in the global economy, and this hands-on, friendly guide shows you how.

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