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lucy atkins blooming birth how to get the pregnancy and birth you want

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Harriet Sharkey Need to Know Fertility, Conception and Pregnancy

This one-stop practical guide will show you how to maximise your chances of having a baby and prepare week-by-week during your pregnancy for a relaxed and confident birth. Two reliable and accessible titles, complete with colour photos and expert advice throughout, combined into one ebook.Need to Know Fertility and Conception answers all the questions you want to know the answers to, it also explains when you're most fertile and how often to have sex; what factors can prevent or reduce fertilization and conception; how to enhance your fertility; how to get the most out of your GP; how to overcome stress and other emotional blocks to pregnancy; the different fertility treatments and contains sources of information, suggestions for further reading, support groups and websites.Need to Know Pregnancy gives a complete overview of baby development during pregnancy through to birth. Its combination of conventional mainstream and complementary medical info reflects the way most pregnant women approach their care today. There’s also plenty of information for the father-to-be. Contents includes: week by week overview; what to expect at appointments; eating well; exercising and relaxing; labour and birth; A-Z of common problems.

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Stefan Korn Dad's Guide to Pregnancy For Dummies

A practical, hands-on guide for all dads-to-be Being a dad has changed so much since you were born that you'd be forgiven for feeling a bit lost! This useful guide is filled with all the info that fathers-to-be need, covering the logistical, physical and emotional aspects of your journey into parenthood. Find out how you can get involved and support your partner! Get to grips with Pregnancy 101 – understand how your baby develops Plan for your baby's homecoming – discover the essential gear you need to buy (you need more than you think!) Choose the right carer – decide on the best person to get you and your partner through the pregnancy and birth Prepare for the big event – learn how to bea great birth partner and help your partner through labour Keep your baby safe and sound – discover how to care for a newborn Find support for yourself – work out who you can turn to for help Open the book and find: What to do when conception doesn't happen How to play an involved and active part in your partner's pregnancy Secrets for keeping your pregnant partner happy and healthy Information on your role during labour Advice on bringing your newborn home Lists of essential gadgets for babies (and dads)

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Joanne Stone Pregnancy For Dummies

Your complete guide to having a healthy, happy pregnancy This updated and expanded third edition of Pregnancy ForDummies offers mothers-to-be practical advice and expert guidance on every stage of their pregnancy – and beyond! Understand what's happening with your baby and your body, and be guided through what to expect from labour, birth and becoming a new parent. Follow your baby's development – understand the changes you and your baby go through during all three trimesters Research your birth options – make informed choices that best suit your needs Care for your baby before birth – eat well and keep active during pregnancy Prepare for the birth of your baby – know what happens before, during and after labour Look after your newborn – find advice on breastfeeding and bringing your baby home Keep up with current issues —identify issues facing mothers today, such as returning to work or having children later in life Get expert advice on special situations – meet the challenges of multiple births, problems during pregnancy or miscarriage Open the book and find: Ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant Clear illustrations of how the body changes during pregnancy Advice for managing pre-existing conditions during pregnancy Discussion about complementary and alternative therapies Simple explanations of your birth options Information about parental leave entitlements Websites to access further support

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Leigh East Caesarean Birth. A Positive Approach to Preparation and Recovery

Caesareans are a possible outcome of any birth. Even the most straightforward pregnancy can end this way. Being prepared for such an eventuality can significantly improve your chances of viewing a caesarean birth positively. Unfortunately many antenatal classes and birth books give very little information about caesareans, leaving women unprepared for this mode of birth. This book has the facts and lots of ideas to help you prepare and recover: - Why prepare for a caesarean birth? - How to make the most of a caesarean birth, should you have one - How to avoid a caesarean if possible - How to improve your recovery - What a caesarean birth is and why it might be necessary - The benefits and risks of vaginal versus caesarean birth - The implications of caesareans on future births Covering every aspect of caesareans this book will help you to make confident, informed decisions about your birth. A positive birth experience will put you in a stronger position for your adventure into motherhood. "I am so glad I read this book before my birth. I didn't intend having a caesarean but when it happened I wasn't at all frightened and I fed 'S' in the recovery room. This book thoroughly demystified caesarean birth for me, it is a must read for anyone planning to have a baby and I will definitely be buying it for my friends." Vicki (35) "At long last pregnant women can get the unbiased and easily digestible information they need about caesareans. They can have us...

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Alexia Leachman Fearless Birthing. Clear Your Fears For a Positive Birth

Does the thought of childbirth scare you? Are you fearing the countdown to your due date? Discover a new birth preparation approach to help guide you from conception to childbirth with peace of mind.Have your pregnancy and birth fears left you stressed out and anxious? Are you looking for an alternative to hypnobirthing? Author Alexia Leachman used to feel the same way until she discovered a technique that helped her overcome her own fear of pregnancy and childbirth. Since sharing it through her award-nominated Fear Free Childbirth podcast, she's helped thousands of women to shift their mindset around birth, and now she's here to help you too!Fearless Birthing is your essential road map to confront and conquer the fears that stand between you and motherhood. Through Leachman's unique fear-clearance method, you'll learn how to mentally and emotionally prepare for the birth of your bundle of joy. By ridding your fears, you'll turn potential trauma into an empowering experience.In Fearless Birthing, you'll discover: The two types of fear surrounding childbirth and how to manage them effectively How to approach your pregnancy with mindful reflection in anticipation of motherhood Why your due date can be a huge source of stress, and how to avoid it The Head Trash Clearance Method, which you can use to rid your fears and stresses How to prepare for birth so that you feel positively about it, whatever the outcomeFearless Birthing is a must-have guide for expe...

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Sarah Schmid Freebirth - Self-Directed Pregnancy and Birth

Having a baby, just like that? Without hospital, midwife or instructions to push? Babies are sometimes born before the midwife can get there and when that happens, everyone involved is usually happy everything went well despite the lack of professionals.But how does it work for women who consciously decide to have a so-called 'freebirth' and decline antenatal care as well as conventional monitoring by birth professionals? Sarah Schmid explains how to make self-directed birth a joyous experience. She also answers important questions around taking responsibility for your own pregnancy and birth, such as:• How can I improve my health during pregnancy?• How can I determine the baby's position myself and optimise it?• Is it possible to know if my baby is well without listening to the heartbeat?• What can I do if my labour does not progress?• What do I do if the cord is around the baby's neck?• What should I do if there is meconium in the amniotic fluid?• Freebirth after caesarean birth or with a breech baby - is it possible?• Can I give birth by myself even if the pregnancy ends too soon?In 'Freebirth' Sarah Schmid provides a healthy dose of basic medical knowledge and dispels scary myths about birth. This also makes 'Freebirth' valuable for those women planning to birth their babies in a conventional setting, as well as for birth professionals.Also in this book: Numerous illustrations • personal stories by over 30 mothers about planned and unplanne...

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Sharon King Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life

Foreword by Karl DawsonHow we come into the world really matters. Yet within our current Western birthing paradigm, we have lost touch with the impact that the experience of birth can have on the baby.What happens to us in the womb and at birth can have far-reaching consequences that shape the way we experience and see the world for the rest of our lives. This groundbreaking book dispels the myth that babies are not conscious beings. It also shows how many of our beliefs are formed in the womb and at birth: beliefs that end up running our lives today.As well as highlighting the effects of birth trauma, 'Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life' offers practical solutions. You will learn how to transform and rewrite traumas that happened both at birth and in the womb, so that you can:Understand the impact that your birth is still having on you nowLearn how to go back to the womb and birth when beliefs were formed and rewrite themDiscover how to release birth traumaLearn new tools to rewrite your birth, impacting healing on all levels.Containing a whole host of research from some of the leaders in the field, this book offers a solution-based approach to overcoming birth trauma. It is for anyone who has ever experienced a birth trauma, or had a parent who experienced stress when they were in the womb. It is for mothers who are about to give birth and want to ensure that they do not carry their own birth traumas into the birthing experience. It is also for practitioners of all mod...

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Joanne Stone Pregnancy For Dummies

Everything expectant mums need to know, trimester by trimester Both new and seasoned parents alike have questions and concerns over the course of the nine-month adventure. Pregnancy For Dummies offers comfort and reassurance while serving as a guide to what mother and baby experience before, during, and just after birth. Here, you’ll find expert advice on diets and exercise when you’re pregnant; guidance on following your baby’s development, trimester by trimester; tips on how to prepare for the big day; techniques for taking care of yourself before and after delivery; and support for caring for a newborn baby. Pregnancy For Dummies gives parents-to-be authoritative, friendly, up-to-date advice on every aspect of pregnancy and childbirth. This new edition offers all of the latest information expecting parents want to know, including medical and nutritional information and updated resources/changes in NHS practice, so that new mums will feel prepared and reassured ahead of the birth. A guide to what mother and baby experience before, during, and just after birth Helpful information on preparing for pregnancy Advice on diet and exercise during pregnancy Information on your rights and welfare benefits Guidance on how to care for a newborn baby If you’re an expectant mum looking for practical, down-to-earth guidance on what to expect before, during, and after pregnancy, Pregnancy For Dummies will keep you prepared and reassured every step along the way.

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Jaime Fleres Birth Your Story. Why Writing about Your Birth Matters

Birth Your Story is about using writing to remember, process, heal and honor the entirety of your birth experience. You are forever changed, and how you tell the story can determine whether the power of birth serves or hinders your life. Whether you're pregnant or birthed decades ago, a seasoned or novice writer, man or woman, this book is for you. The book inspires and supports you to write your birth story, takes the intimidation and other obstacles out of writing, offers accessible writing prompts and support, and includes over 15 inspiring stories — about birth loss, adoption, home birth, premature birth, surrogacy, cesarean birth, and more. Feel empowered to write your story, honor your experience, value your voice, heal your past and transform your future, and find freedom through authentic expression. Because your stories matter. Because YOU matter.

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Melissa Avery D. Supporting a Physiologic Approach to Pregnancy and Birth. A Practical Guide

Supporting a Physiologic Approach to Pregnancy and Birth: A Practical Guide provides an overview of current evidence and a range of practical suggestions to promote physiologic birth within the United States healthcare system. Presenting the latest evidence available on practical approaches and minimal interventions, this book looks into clinic exam rooms and hospital labor units to investigate the possibilities for improving the pregnancy and labor experience. Contributors discuss recent research and other published information and present a range of ideas, tools, and solutions for maternity care clinicians, including midwives, nurses, physicians, and other members of the perinatal team. An invaluable resource, Supporting a Physiologic Approach to Pregnancy and Birth is a must-have practical guide for those involved in all aspects of pregnancy and birth.

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Sherry Adepitan Labor and Delivery. Birth Plan and Journal

A book to organize and record your unique story of the day you give birth. Includes Birth Plan recorder and Pregnancy Calendar. The best baby shower gift ever!

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Daniel Tomlinson Birth Pangs. How Pregnancy Reveals God.s Plan for the Ages

Are you aware of the fact that there are parallels between the pains of child bearing and the groanings of creation? Dr. Dan Tomlinson reveals how God has used the various stages of pregnancy as an allegory for his plan of redemption. From creation to the second coming of Christ, Dr. Tomlinson will show you how God has revealed his plan for the ages in Birth Pangs. Doctor Dan Tomlinson was born in central Illinois on January 18, 1955. He received his Medical Degree from Kansas in 1981.

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Megan Faure, Jacky Searle, Megan Wood Pregnancy Sense. Your guide to a sensible pregnancy and a sensational birth

Pregnancy is a journey like no other. It is the start of a new human life. It is also the birth of a mother who, over nine months, changes in every possible way – physically, emotionally and socially. Your nutrition, wellbeing and emotions during this wonderful time play a large role in defining the rest of your baby’s life. The experience must also be safe and containing for you to provide your baby with the ultimate start and shape his potential.Birth – your baby’s entry into our world – is a profoundly significant moment, one you don’t get to repeat. Being empowered with knowledge, understanding your choices and being active in the process will make a huge difference. Ultimately it does not matter how your baby is born; what matters is how you experience it and that it is safe. Reading Pregnancy Sense will reduce the anxiety that may stem from the unknown and help you make your choices with insight and flexibility.• Preparing for pregnancy• Birth choices• Your growing baby week by week• Your changing body week by week• A guide to birth• Premature birth• Your newborn’s first days and weeks.“This is such a gently informative book about such a vital aspect of many women’s lives. Well done!” Kate Christie, Midwife“I couldn’t have found this book at a more fitting time. As a pregnant reader, I found it to be thorough, user-friendly and real. Most of all, it eased so many of my concerns and left me with the feeling that I will be just fine when baby arrives – exactly what every ...

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Charlie Plunkett The True Diary of a Mum-To-Be - A Pregnancy Companion

The True Diary of a Mum-to- bea pregnancy companionCharlie's diary is an honest and funny account of her pregnancy, recounting tales of a vicious squirrel attack, a burst birth ball and numerous D.I.Y. disasters along the way.Join Charlie as she travels down the sometimes bumpy road that leads to an amazing place she likes to call 'Baby Land'...Her diary includes a weekly guide to the changes happening in your body and how your baby is developing, as well as tips on diet, exercise and lifestyle. There are also ideas for what to include in your birth plan and how to pack a birth bag.

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This Hypnbirthing full birth preparation course will reveal all the tools and knowledge you need to have a natural, easy, safe and often pain free birth. It is quick and simple to master these techniques, all in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace. The Hypnobirthing Home Study Course is complete birth education, so you are fully prepared for your best birth experience. There is no need to attend any other hypnobirthing or birth preparation class, as this step by step guide covers natural birthing, alternative options and the best medical interventions. So no matter what path your birth ends up taking, you will be fully prepared, confident, calm, and in control.By choosing Hypnobirthing Hub Home Study Course you are more likely to have a pain free and fear free birth. We have the highest rating of naturally pain free and fear free births of any Hypnobirthing program worldwide.Over a period of six years, we have collected statistics on birthing outcomes. Over 85 percent of Hypnobirthing Home Study Course mothers birthed naturally and easily, with most saying they were entirely comfortable throughout the birth and didn't even think of asking for pain medication.This hypnobirthing course will give you the tools to prepare positively for your amazing birth. It will help you embrace and understand the impact that your thoughts and fears can have on your birth experiences. This course will enable you to clear the path of obstacles and hurdles, and you will free you...

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