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New Grammar Time 2: Student's Book (+ CD-ROM)

NEW GRAMMAR TIME is a series of full-colour grammar reference and practice books. Combining fun-loving cartoon characters and lively content with clear explanations and plenty of practice, NEW GRAMMAR TIME is ideal for younger learners. NEW GRAMMAR TIME 2 makes grammar even more enjoyable. New recorded cartoon presentations reinforce comprehension. New recorded dialogues and role-play exercises activate grammar. New use your english review lessons introduce cylets task types. New photocopiable activities in the Teacher's Book provide additional communicative practice. New photocopiable unit quizzes and progress tests facilitate assessment. New Multi-ROM with interactive practice and games encourages learners to have fun with grammar at home from beginner to intermediate level. NEW GRAMMAR TIME can be used successfully with any coursebook.

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Matthew Underwood Time and Displacement

In Time and disPLACEment, a new science fiction novel about time travel by Matthew Underwood, we join the adventures of two time travellers, whose lives get turned upside down by events beyond their control.Greed is the driving force of the local criminal element and law enforcing Inspector who find themselves squabbling over the time machine, only for it to slip through their fingers, more than once.Only the cunning abilities of Carl Vincent and Graham Howard, with their two new friends, will outsmart the combined forces that want the machine for themselves.

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