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Jatkowska Agnieszka Mermaid Kingdom (Pop-up Carousel)

Dive into the secret world of Mermaid Kingdom, in this beautiful pop-up world under the sea! Help Sandy, Shelly and Sparkle prepare for a very special visit from Queen Marina. Press out the play pieces and join in all the fun as they get themselves ready, serve up a feast and put on a show in three stunning pop-up play scenes, illustrated by Ag Jatkowska. This magical pop-up storybook has a special envelope for safe storage of the play pieces and a pretty ribbon closure.

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Usher: Rhythm City. Volume One: Caught Up (DVD + CD)

Rhythm City is the home of Usher (the ultimate entertainer); Asia (the sexiest professional thief in the city) - played by Joy Bryant and Mr. Big (Rhythm City's notorious crime boss) - played by Clifton Powell. Usher finds himself "caught up" in a dangerous love triangle with Asia and Mr. Big that could prove to be fatal. Guest appearances by Sean Combs; Naomi Campbell; Ryan Seacrest and more. Includes the hits "Caught Up;" "Seduction;" "Red Light;" and "Take Your Hand" - all from the multi-platinum album Confessions. Also includes videos for "Yeah!;" "Burn;" "Confessions Part II;" "My Boo" (Duet with Alicia Keys) and "Caught Up;" four never-before-heard bonus tracks and a special "Making of Rhythm City" documentary!

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Amanda Claridge A Companion to the City of Rome

A Companion to the City of Rome presents a series of original essays from top experts that offer an authoritative and up-to-date overview of current research on the development of the city of Rome from its origins until circa AD 600. Offers a unique interdisciplinary, closely focused thematic approach and wide chronological scope making it an indispensible reference work on ancient Rome Includes several new developments on areas of research that are available in English for the first time Newly commissioned essays written by experts in a variety of related fields Original and up-to-date readings pertaining to the city of Rome on a wide variety of topics including Rome’s urban landscape, population, economy, civic life, and key events

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Dark City: The Real Los Angeles Noir

In the years following World War I, Los Angeles was a city awakening to its darker side, transforming itself from a backwater town to a gleaming metropolis and city of the...

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Nick Marino City Limits

The call-girl ring had it easy. The girls worked their customers in the city, but their headquarters was in the next county -- out of reach of the city police. They paid the sheriff for protection, in cash…and in trade.It was a sweet set-up -- until Mike Macauley, Assistant D. A., set out to break up the racket. There were two ways the ring could discourage him—frame-up or murder. They tried both…

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A.L. Gibson Poka City Blues

Poka City Blues is a period drama and family saga that takes place in the small town of Loachapoka, Alabama. Sedelia, a witty and tenacious woman, recounts her days of growing up and living in what is known to most locals as Poka City. While living in Poka City, Sedelia endures a number of ill-fated mishaps, but through it all she remains indomitable. In this emotional and heart-rending story inspired by real life events, Sedelia bravely shows how one can make the best out of a bad situation and overcome insurmountable odds.

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Marilyn Hamilton Integral City Inquiry . Action. Designing Impact for the Human Hive

How do you inquire about, act in and impact the city as self, other and place?This is a book of: burning questions that deepen your reflective capacity; injunctions that guide your practice as a city AQtivator; and frames for designing impact on, with and as the city.Learn through a series of methodological cases studies and templates for process designs, based on Integral City work in the last decade. If you want to achieve impact in your work as Integral City Practitioner, Catalyst or Meshworker, these designs generate outcomes in the city as a whole, using an integrally framed approach. You can address consciousness and culture as Place Caring (the left had quadrants of the integral model) and actions and systems as Place Making (the right hand quadrants of the integral model). Organized using the Integral City design cycle the chapters walk you through processes for inviting in the Knowing Field; embracing the Master Code; assessing the 12 Intelligences of the City; discovering and mapping City Values; designing Vital Signs Monitors; engaging the 4 Voices of the City; Prototyping designs for Learning Lhabitats, Pop-ups and Sustainable Community Development; Meshworking Purpose, People, Place and Planet; and Evaluating Outcomes. Using these process designs you may choose a linear or a non-linear path. Whether you focus on separate stages or attempt the whole tour, you will find an inquiry-action-impact system that is replicable, frequently iterative and provides a grand cy...

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Greg Clark The Making of a World City. London 1991 to 2021

After two decades of evolution and transformation, London had become one of the most open and cosmopolitan cities in the world. The success of the 2012 Olympics set a high water-mark in the visible success of the city, while its influence and soft power increased in the global systems of trade, capital, culture, knowledge, and communications. The Making of a World City: London 1991 – 2021 sets out in clear detail both the catalysts that have enabled London to succeed and also the qualities and underlying values that are at play: London’s openness and self-confidence, its inventiveness, influence, and its entrepreneurial zeal. London’s organic, unplanned, incremental character, without a ruling design code or guiding master plan, proves to be more flexible than any planned city can be. Cities are high on national and regional agendas as we all try to understand the impact of global urbanisation and the re-urbanisation of the developed world. If we can explain London’s successes and her remaining challenges, we can unlock a better understanding of how cities succeed.

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Ian Alexander City of Sharks

City of Sharks is a work of fiction, but one based on real events. To protect the innocent and disguise the guilty, it is written as a satire of the nonsense that goes on or could go on in the future in that strange world of politics. But it has the purpose of bringing this hidden party and often murky world to wider notice. The storys underlying themes of city development, politics, and corruption draw on the authors exposure to the dark side of politics and town planning. Set in the isolated city of Perth, Western Australia, the story is likely similar in city halls and legislative chambers the world over.

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Dakota Kirkpatrick In the City of Shadows

In the city of shadows you will go on a journey that will take you face to face with your worst fears. Danger and terror await between the pages of this book. Open it up and dive into them, if you dare.

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Angela Moore Human Resources Management Decision Making Process in King Saud Medical City

Bachelor Thesis from the year 2012 in the subject Business economics - Personnel and Organisation, grade: B, University of Sheffield, language: English, abstract: This research study examines the human resources management decision making process in addressing the present and future needs of King Saud Medical City. The main purpose of the study is to investigate the readiness of healthcare managers in meeting present and future challenges faced by the human resources decision making process in healthcare organizations. King Saud Medical City was selected as a model healthcare organization to gain understanding of the HR decision making process for this study. This research adopts grounded theory methodology in establishing tactical decisions being made by health managers. Grounded theory is an appropriate qualitative tool for this purpose because it emphasizes on systematic procedures in understanding critical HR factors impacting decision making and description of the phenomenon as grounded within study participant expressions. The participants in this study comprises of 12 managers from Kind Saud Medical City with experience in healthcare management. A semi-structured interview method was used for the collection of the data. Constant comparative approach was used in the analysis of the interview transcripts by coding and analyzing participant's expressions in order to identify categories and themes related to human resource decision making in healthcare organizations. R...

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Tim Bunnell From World City to the World in One City. Liverpool through Malay Lives

From World City to the World in One City examines changing geographies of Liverpool through and across the lives of Malay seamen who arrived in the city during its final years as a major imperial port. Draws upon life histories and memories of people who met at the Malay Club in Liverpool until its closure in 2007, to examine changing urban sites and landscapes as well as the city’s historically shifting constitutive connections In considering the historical presence of Malay seamen in Liverpool, draws attention to a group which has previously received only passing mention in historical and geographical studies of both that city, and of multi-ethnic Britain more widely Demonstrates that Liverpool-based Malay men sustained social connections with Southeast Asia long before scholars began to use terms such as ‘globalization’ or ‘transnationalism’ Based on a diverse range of empirical data, including interviews with members of the Malay Club in Liverpool and interviews in Southeast Asia, as well as archival and secondary sources Accessibly-written for non-academic audiences interested in the history and urban social geography of Liverpool

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Massimo Santanicchia An Ordinary Small City. An examination on Reykjavik.s current and realizable urbanism

Master's Thesis from the year 2011 in the subject Urban and Regional Planning, grade: Distinction, London School of Economics, course: Urban and Regional Planning, language: English, abstract: Small cities (less than 500,000 inhabitants) host fifty-two percent of the world urban population, yet they are profoundly neglected in the urban studies field. This research focuses on the small city of Reykjavík (118,326 inhabitants), and investigates how the planning system is trying to build a new urban strategy away from the world city model which was adopted until the banking collapse of 2008. The results reveal that the city is going through a cultural renaissance animated by a multitude of small events, enhancements of the public realm, grassroots initiatives and a more fruitful collaboration between planning authorities and citizens. At the same time the new Reykjavík master plan currently under discussion is prioritising growth scenarios affiliated with big-iconic developments. This dissertation concludes that the planning system needs to support a more responsive, integrated and holistic urbanism at a regional and governance level. It should support a politics of small things, protecting the human scale, the sense of place, and diversity, by enhancing the endogenous resources and developing processes of participation in the city making which are the bases of the reconstruction of trust, self-confidence and citizenship.

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Philip Sheldrake The Spiritual City. Theology, Spirituality, and the Urban

A Spiritual City provides a broad examination of the meaning and importance of cities from a Christian perspective. Contains thought-provoking theological and spiritual reflections on city-making by a leading scholar Unites contemporary thinking about urban space and built environments with the latest in urban theology Addresses the long-standing anti-urban bias of Christianity and its emphasis on inwardness and pilgrimage Presents an important religious perspective on the potential of cities to create a strong human community and sense of sacred space

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Rowling Joanne J.K.Rowling's Wizarding World - Pop-Up Gallery

J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World is full of magical curiosities: a flying car, a hat that sings, an enchanted case, and so much more. This small, deluxe pop-up book showcases three-dimensional renderings of some of the beloved curiosities from the Harry Potter films, including two pops related to the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Pull out flaps will feature text that delves into the items on each spread and how they were achieved in the films. This book will have doors that open from the middle of the front cover, a sturdy magnetic closure, and elastic loops to hold each pop firmly in place making it a perfect stand-alone display.

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Are you curious about smart cities? You should be! By mid-century, two-thirds of us will live in cities. The world of tomorrow will be a world of cities. But will they be smart cities? Smart cities are complex blends of technologies, systems and services designed and orchestrated to help people lead productive, fulfilling, safe and happy lives. This remarkable book is a window into our shared future. In crisp language and sharp detail, Mike Barlow and Cornelia Lévy-Bencheton explain how smart cities are powerful forces for positive change. With keen eyes and warm hearts, they invite readers to imagine the world of tomorrow, a fascinating world of connected cities and communities. They capture and convey the depth and richness of the worldwide smart city movement. Smart Cities, Smart Future describes the impact of smart city projects on people in towns, cities and nations around the world. The book includes descriptions of ongoing smart city projects in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Looking Ahead to an Urban World No two smart cities are alike. No one can say with certainty or precision what the term “smart city” means. There is no standard definition or common template. Today, smart cities are works in progress. They emerge from our hopes and our dreams. This book provides you with the knowledge and insight you need to participate in the smart city movement. It explains how smart cities are “systems of systems” and introduces key concepts such as interoperability, open standards, resiliency, agility, adaptability and continuous improvement. Includes Detailed Glossary of Terms and Essential Vocabulary The book includes a detailed comprehensive glossary of essential smart city terms. The glossary will become your indispensable resource as you engage more deeply with the smart city movement and become more involved in planning our common future in an urban world. Carefully Researched and Crisply Written Smart Cities, Smart Future is carefully researched and fully documented. It includes interviews with leaders and experts in multiple disciplines essential to the development of smart cities, towns, regions, states and nations. Written in the clean style of modern journalism, the book offers a strong and compelling narrative of a changing world. It reminds us that we are responsible for choosing our destiny and determining the shape of things to come. The smart city movement is gaining speed and momentum. Read this book, and enjoy the ride!

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